Wherever you are, the Spectral Realm lies across the Material Realm like a blanket, a strange, distorted version of the plane mortals call home.

By default, Reapers and Revenants exist in the Spectral Realm, and must construct temporary bodies in order to go about their business in the Material Realm. Ghosts, however, exist in both Realms simultaneously, and do not need to move between them (although they must manifest in order to be perceived in the Material Realm).

While in the Spectral Realm, you must wear a sash.

Entering the Material Realm

In order to pass into the Material Realm, Reapers and Revenants must pass through pre-established Gates, marked by coloured cones. Once they do so, a physical body is constructed for them from the scar tissue between the Realms, and they are able to physically act as any normal mortal (albeit with some rather more interesting abilities). However, some Reapers and Revenants learn to fashion their own temporary Gates, allowing them more freedom in their comings and goings.

When using a gate or otherwise moving between Realms, you should use the call “Shifting”. Shifting is instant when using a Gate but often takes longer when using an ability.

You also may return to the Spectral Realm by intentionally destroying your physical body or returning via a Gate or an ability.

Communication between Realms

Unless you are Ghost or have specifically been granted the ability to do so, you cannot see or hear what is going on in the Spectral Realm from the Material Realm.

If you are in the Spectral Realm near players who are in the Material Realm, you must whisper – it should not be possible for them to casually overhear you, nor should you speak or interact with them directly.

Gambling your soul

If you are a Reaper or Revenant, you must choose how many Soul Points to gamble when you shift from the Spectral Realm to the Material Realm.

See the general rules section for more about how gambling Soul Points works.

If you are playing a Ghost, please instead refer to the Ghost archetype page.