General rules


  • Unless stated otherwise, a normal weapon does a single point of damage – signal this by calling SINGLE when you strike someone
  • A DOUBLE deals two points of damage, a TRIPLE does three points of damage, etc.


  • Maximum weapon size is a 45-inch full weapon length or a 35-inch blade, whichever is shorter
  • Shields are not permitted


  • While casting an ability, you must stand still and perform appropriate roleplay (if you’re not sure what to do while casting, counting under your breath works)
  • If you take damage, you are not interrupted but may choose to stop casting at any point as normal. If you abandon the casting, the use of that particular ability is spent as if you had successfully used it
  • You cannot defend yourself while casting an ability unless it is Instant

Physical Points and Soul Points

  • Soul Points are your character’s true health. These points represent the amount of damage your core essence can sustain. A character has THREE SOUL POINTS
  • If your Soul Points are reduced to zero, your character has been truly killed. Your character can no longer be played, you may now become a Shade (see below)
  • When you wish the move into the Material Realm through any means, you must GAMBLE YOUR SOUL. This represents a conscious choice of how closely connected your soul will be with your manifested body – a stronger link creates a stronger body, but more risk
  • Mechanically, when you move to the Material Realm through any means; choose a number of Soul Points equal to or less than the amount of Soul Points you currently have. These Soul Points are gambled. For each Soul Point gambled, you gain three physical points. This means if you gamble 1 Soul Point, you get 3 Physical Points, if you gamble 2 Soul Points you get 6 Physical Points, if you gamble 3 Soul Points you get 9 Physical Points
  • Physical Points represent the strength with which you manifest your soul into the mortal Realm. When these are reduced to zero, your body in the Material Realm is destroyed
  • When your body is destroyed in the Material Realm, i.e. you are reduced to zero physical points; you LOSE ALL YOUR GAMBLED SOUL POINTS. If this reduces you to zero Soul Points, your character has truly died. If you are not reduced to zero Soul Points after losing your gambled points, on death you appear in the Spectral Realm where your physical body was destroyed
  • If you return to the Spectral Realm through use of a gate, ability or relevant relic, you do not lose any gambled soul points
  • Gambled soul points are removed on death. Thus if you gamble 2 of your 3 soul points, then take a point of soul damage from another source, you will be permanently killed if your physical body is destroyed (as you are on 2 points, die, and lose your two gambled points bringing you to zero)

EXAMPLE: Bob wants to move to the Material Realm through a gate. He has already lost one Soul Point this game, leaving him with 2 remaining. He decides to go all in, and gambles both of these points for 6 physical points. If he loses these points, he will be reduced to zero soul points and be permanently killed. If he returns to the Spectral Realm safely, he will retain these points.


After losing your final Soul Point, wear your sash to denote that you’re in the Spectral Realm. You are now a Shade.


  • Retain all their memories
  • Can see freely between both realms
  • Are incorporeal in both realms
  • Cannot use relics, weapons or abilities
  • Are unable to talk or write
  • Dissipate after 30 minutes

The only way to dispose of a Shade is for a Revenant to harvest them or Reapers to reap them. Additionally, when a Revenant touches a Shade, the Shade is paralysed. If a Revenant consumes a Shade, the Revenant restores 1 Soul Point.

Becoming a Shade is optional – should you wish, you needn’t rise again as a Shade and instead may start playing as a new character straight away (or take a break and/or eat some candy or something).