Character generation

You knew you were different.

You may have lived a quite ordinary life, but something was always there, gnawing at your consciousness, lurking just beyond the periphery of your vision.

You may have believed you had a guardian angel, or were haunted by the spectre of the old man who used to live in your house. Perhaps you saw a strange, shadowy creature stooped over a sleeping homeless person when stumbling back from the pub one night. You may have even been a hardened sceptic, insistent that under no circumstances did such a thing as an afterlife exist.

Whatever you believed, your existence doesn’t seem to have stopped even though you ceased to breathe.

You find yourself in “The Waiting Room”, accompanied by a motley assortment of people (perhaps) who don’t all seem quite right.

You know that some of them are more like you than others…

You have been waiting a while.

The basics

Statistically, character creation goes like this:

  1. Pick an archetype
  2. Spend five experience points

However, each archetype has its own individual requirements – please refer to each individual archetype’s section in the rules for these.

Every player also needs:

  • One white sash
  • One Death Certificate (see below)


Your backstory represents your character’s life before they died and become a Reaper, Revenant or Ghost.

Characters do not need to have died recently – time does not move as it normally does for the Dead, and it is entirely feasible that the soul of a character who died a few hundred years ago could have only just found its way to the Waiting Room.

Character backstories do not need writing up but should at least be run by a ref quickly before your first session.

Death Certificates

Your Death Certificate is an IC document issued to you by the Reapers, it also representing your OC character sheet. It must be filled in and approved by a ref before you can play.

Every time you spend XP to buy an ability, you must check with a ref.

There is no downtime in this system – all XP expenditure must be done during sessions.

Please leave your Death Certificate with the ref team at the end of each session.

Experience and advancement

Players receive one experience point (XP) per session.

Ability costs

  • Rank 1 abilities cost 2 XP each
  • Rank 2 abilities cost 1 XP each
  • Rank 3 abilities cost 2 XP each


  • You can buy into any tree of your archetype and any number of trees
  • You must buy abilities in rank order (i.e. Rank 1, then Rank 2, then Rank 3)