• A caller is an individual that has made a call on you.

Gameplay calls

  • Attract
  • Banish
  • Bind
  • Disarm
  • Manifesting
  • Mass [something]
  • Reap
  • Repel
  • Resist
  • Root
  • Shatter [something]
  • Shifting
  • Soul [damage]
  • Strikedown


  • You must move directly towards the caller for ten seconds
  • You may move as quickly as you wish, but you must walk at a reasonable pace as a
  • If the caller shifts realms, this effect ends
  • You may attack, defend and make calls as normal while being attracted


  • You immediately shift to the spectral realm


  • You may not shift between realms in any way for ten seconds
  • If your physical body is destroyed but you still have soul points, you do appear in the
    spectral realm and do not have to wait for the effect to wear off


  • If hit with an on-strike disarm, drop the struck weapon/item
  • If hit with a ranged disarm, drop weapons/items from both hands
  • A LARP weapon should be dropped on the floor immediately, but you should gently place any delicate props, mobile phones or similar on the ground
  • In combat, only drop weapons and non-delicate props – obviously it’s impractical to try and place a delicate object on the ground during combat (and also risks someone stepping on it)!

Mass [something]

  • A MASS call affects everyone who hears it. This means that if you hear, for example, MASS
    DISARM, you take a DISARM call


  • When MANIFESTING, you move from the spectral to the material realm without gambling
    soul points
  • This represents a Ghost or similar entity appearing in the material realm as an obviously
    supernatural, incorporeal being without a physical form


  • This call detaches a soul from a body (and sometimes other things) – it only works on dead
    people and shades
  • If this is called on you and you are neither a dead body or a shade, call RESIST
  • Bodies that for whatever reason do not possess a soul will RESIST this call


  • You must immediately move out of weapon’s reach of the caller and remain there for ten
  • You may defend yourself from the caller if attacked, but must always be striving to move
    away from them. If they move towards you, you may attack them as you back off
  • You may make calls and attack others as normal


  • Made in response to a call, this indicates that for whatever reason the caller has not been affected by the call


  • You may not move from the spot you are standing on for ten seconds
  • You may turn on the spot
  • You may attack, defend and make calls as normal
  • If ATTRACT or REPEL are called on you after ROOT, you must still remain rooted until the ten seconds are up

Shatter [something]

  • The object targeted has broken and can no longer be used. You do not have to drop the
    item, but it cannot be used in any productive way
  • A SHATTERED weapon cannot make any call, including damage and on-hit effects. You
    cannot block with a SHATTERED weapon
  • A SHATTERED item cannot be used for its intended purpose, e.g. a phone cannot make calls or take photos
  • The caller should indicate what is being targeted with the SHATTER, for example SHATTER
    WEAPON. If no such qualifier is added, assume any held weapons have been targeted


  • You move from your current realm into the other
  • When moving from the spectral to the physical realm, you must gamble for physical points

Soul [damage]

  • The prefix SOUL indicates that the following amount of damage (e.g. SOUL SINGLE) is being inflicted directly to your soul points, bypassing any physical hitpoints you possess
  • All damage calls made in the spectral realm are soul damage


  • You must fall to to ground as if pushed over
  • You may not perform a controlled roll or similar regardless of your IC or OC skills as IC your character has been caught off guard. Once you have hit the ground, you may get to your feet as you wish
  • Instead of falling over, you may alternatively crouch for 3 seconds. Only do this for OC reasons, for example unsafe ground to fall on such as slippery mud or ice

Out of character calls

  • Man down
  • Time in/time out
  • Time freeze

Man down

  • Anyone may make this call
  • If you hear this call, stop play and freeze immediately as there is an out-of-character
  • This call is used for safety issues, such as someone falling over and hurting themselves or
    dropping their glasses/phone during combat
  • Do not resume play until a ref calls TIME IN

Time in/time out

  • TIME IN means gameplay has started or resumed
  • TIME OUT means the session is over

Time freeze

  • IC time has been frozen
  • This time may be used by refs to give you narrative information or to prepare an encounter
  • When TIME IN is called, return to roleplaying
  • Be aware that no IC time passes during a time freeze



  • One hand held above the head, index and middle fingers crossed indicates that the player or ref is out of character and does not exist in the game world. This is also indicated by wearing a high-visibility jacket


  • One arm crossed high above the chest indicates the character is in the spectral realm. Only use this gesture if you are in the process of fishing your spectral sash from your pocket or for whatever reason do not currently have a sash to hand