The Hunt costume guide

In a nutshell, in-game clothing style is best described as as Gothic Victorian. Googling Bloodborne costume (and similar terms such as Bloodborne cosplay) is a good starting point, but here are some more specific guidelines to help you out.


  • The tricorn is definitely the most Huntery hat you could have
  • Top hats are also good
  • Certain wide-brimmed hats are also favoured by older Hunters, but avoid any particularly modern styles
  • Some Hunters prefer hoods
  • Some Hunters opt for face coverings or high collars that cover their mouths and noses, not only to protect their faces from blood spatter but also to mask their identities
  • A few Hunters wear rather old-fashioned plague doctor masks, filling the beak with herbs and incense in order the mask the smell of blood and beasts alike
  • Hats are by no means a requirement but hats are very on brief


  • The majority of Hunters wear shirts, most of which are usually white (or at least start out as such)
  • Cravates are a popular accessory, as are ascots
  • Waistcoats are frequently worn
  • Some Hunters wear corsets, but generally they’re avoided due to the potential restriction of movement and reduction in lung capacity


  • Trousers are preferred by pretty much all Hunters for practical reasons
  • Some more esoteric Hunters choose to wear skirts or robes, but usually by those expecting more sedentary or specialised tasks


  • Boots are easily the type of footwear most favoured by Hunters
  • However, some style-conscious Hunters opt for smart/dress shoes
  • Black or brown (frequently leather) are standard shoe colours for the most part
  • With footwear, safety is paramount as you need to be able to run around and fight without injuring yourself. However, avoid the notorious white trainers if at all possible (see the minimum costume requirements section below for tips on how to choose/disguise in-character shoes)


  • Long coats are popular with Hunter (particularly those in the Inverness style)
  • Many Hunters wear cloaks of various lengths, ranging to full length to those just covering the shoulders. They’re useful for wiping away the blood of beasts but should never be long enough to trip the wearer during hunting
  • Some supplement – or entirely replace – cloaks with additional adornments, such as shawls or banners and, in some stranger cases, feathers and bones
  • Hunters sometimes opt to wear armour for added protection (although please note there is no in-game mechanical benefit for doing so)
  • Coats are not an absolute must, so don’t worry if you can’t find one and/or don’t want to wear one


  • Many Hunters choose to wear gloves for practical reasons
  • Scarves make both stylish and useful accessories
  • Pocket watches are useful for keeping an eye on the time as the night of The Hunt wears on
  • In the rare occasion that their outfit has no pockets, Hunters may carry a small pouch for useful items such as blood vials and other trinkets


  • The Hunter costume colour palette is fairly limited (for practical reasons – you don’t want to stand out in the dark of the night or have to spend ages trying to get beast blood off your clothes)
  • Black, brown and grey are the most common clothing colours
  • Some Hunter mix a little dark colour in with the rest of their outfit (such as red, green, or purple)
  • Shirts are usually black, white, grey, or other plain hues
  • Hunters rarely wear large amounts of white unless they are in direct employ of the Healing Church


Not everyone will have the kit or cash to hand to assemble a completely on-brief costume – and that’s okay! Generic, non-modern clothing can also work in a pinch. Here are a few cheap and easy things you can do to make sure you blend in:

  • Avoid clearly modern or synthetic-looking materials (e.g. viscose, Lycra, plastic, shiny fabric blends)
  • Avoid visible zips
  • Watch your buttons – modern buttons blend well if they have simple designs and are in fairly neutral colours (e.g. black, brown, etc.), but if you have the time/impetus you could always replace buttons you feel are particularly clashing with more setting-appropriate replacements (e.g. bone, brass, china, shell, etc.)
  • Shirts/tops don’t need to be proper button-up shirts (especially as they’ll likely have a layer over the top), but avoid those with obviously modern shapes/necklines/colours/fabrics
  • Keep digital devices such as watches, phones and similar out of sight (and on silent during the session!)
  • Shoes are what most people care about looking in-character the least, and for good reason – you don’t want to mess your feet up just for the sake of looking good (probably). Wearing off-brief shoes such as trainers if you need to is of course fine, but if possible try and get hold of a pair that is all black or brown – bright white trainers definitely draw the eye. You can also get or make shoe covers (like these, for example) to hide even the most luminous footwear if you need
  • You don’t have to be a particularly well-turned-out Hunter – scruffy is good too! Maybe your Hunter wears the attire of butcher for easy cleanup, or perhaps they lived on the streets before taking to The Hunt


  • Charity shops – Local charity shops will often have bits and bobs you can use or cannibalise into useful costume
  • eBay – Good for a bargain and home to all sorts of stuff – just make sure it’ll arrive in time for the session!
  • Amazon – Some sellers sell things you can use or adapt for costumes at quite reasonable prices

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