The Hunt rules

It is the night of The Hunt in the city of Brighthelmstone.

Its inhabitants are afflicted with an abnormal blood-borne disease that warps their minds and bodies until they are terrifying monsters, and it falls to Hunters like you to stop them.

Can you slay the beasts, stop the plague, and escape this endless nightmare?


  • In-game style is best described in a nutshell as Gothic Victorian
  • Consult our in-depth costume guide for more information on how to get together an outfit for your character (including minimum requirements and budget options)




  • You have 3 HP
  • On 0 HP, you’re on the floor, conscious and able to talk and crawl very slowly (plus are probably in quite a lot of pain) but are unable to attack
  • If on 0 HP:
    • If someone does any additional damage to you/roleplays killing you, you die
    • If someone administers a blood vial, you regain 1 HP and can act normally once more
    • There is no bleed count/death timer (although as stated above, you can be finished off)
    • If you do die, report to the ref area


All weapons and Nerf guns must be checked before time in.

LARP weapons

  • All weapons do one damage on hit – calls (such as SINGLE) are unnecessary
  • Dual wielding is permitted, but a Nerf gun counts as one of your two weapons (you cannot, for example, have two swords and a Nerf gun)
  • Long/large weapons are permitted but must be wielded two-handed (and you cannot also carry another weapon or Nerf gun)
  • Shields are not permitted

Nerf guns

  • Nerf gun darts do not do damage – instead, being hit by a Nerf dart causes you to take two steps backwards in order to represent being staggered
  • Nerf darts cannot be picked up and reused
  • Nerf guns don’t need to be painted but should be vaguely setting-appropriate models (e.g. revolver style, such as Mavericks – ask if unsure)
  • If you do bring a painted Nerf gun, its barrel must be left unpainted
  • Automatic/powered Nerf guns are not permitted


  • Blood vials – Vials of specially treated blood that, when injected, restore 1 HP (single use)


There are no in-character (IC) calls.

Man down

  • Anyone may make this call
  • If you hear this call, stop play and freeze immediately as there is an out-of-character problem
  • This call is used for safety issues, such as someone falling over and hurting themselves or dropping their glasses/phone during combat
  • Do not resume play until a ref calls TIME IN

Time in/time out

  • TIME IN means gameplay has started or resumed
  • TIME OUT means the session is over

Time freeze

  • IC time has been frozen
  • This time may be used by refs to give you narrative information or to prepare an encounter
  • When TIME IN is called, return to roleplaying
  • Be aware that no IC time passes during a time freeze



  • One hand held above the head, index and middle fingers crossed indicates that the player or ref is out of character and does not exist in the game world. This is also indicated by wearing a high-visibility jacket


  • Make sure to think of a name for your character!
  • The loan of spare weapons of all shapes and sizes appreciated (but please don’t bring more than you can personally carry – we are unlikely to be able to help you ferry them on the day)
  • Bring food/drink/snacks/medication/inhalers as required
  • Please let us know of any accessibility issues you think will affect your ability to play the game in advance and we can chat about how to make sure you still have fun
  • Safety and inclusivity rules as established for Vigor Mortis apply
  • The Hunt is inspired by FromSoftware’s video game Bloodborne (buy it and play it – you won’t be disappointed!)
  • You’re in the know, right?

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