Hunger Royale rules


  • Please text/Facebook message/pigeon post me your mobile number if I don’t already have it – you won’t be able to send IC texts or make IC calls during the game but you will most likely be receiving them (MAKE SURE YOUR PHONE IS CHARGED ON THE DAY)
  • Please bring at least one weapon (but the more the merrier) – we may not have enough to go round if you don’t and everyone needs to be able to do a murder
  • Be prepared for inclement (read: British) weather – currently the forecast includes light rain
  • Wear clothes you don’t mind getting muddy
  • Wear sturdy footwear (the ground can be somewhat uneven, especially in wooded areas)
    Bring food/drink/snacks – DON’T DIE IRL
  • Please let me know of any accessibility issues you think will affect your ability to play the game and we can chat about how to make sure you still have fun


  • Take a random objective card – you must keep this objective secret for the duration of the round (even from your teammate)
  • Rounds will either have you in two-people teams (a la Hunger Games) or all on your lonesome (a la Battle Royale) – this will be stated at the start of each round
  • Weapons will either be allocated randomly (a la Battle Royale) or placed in a Cornucopia or similar arrangement (a la Hunger Games) – this will be stated at the start of each round
    If there’s a time limit, you’ll be informed before the round starts


  • 3 HP
  • Injuries/health level must be roleplayed – 3 HP – you’re good | 2 HP – one of your arms is fucked up | 1 HP – one of your legs is also fucked up | 0 HP – you’re on the floor, conscious and able to talk and crawl very slowly (plus are probably in quite a lot of pain)
  • If on 0 HP:
    • If someone does any additional damage to you/roleplays killing you, you die
    • If someone administers a medkit, you go back to full HP (3)
    • There is no bleed count/death timer, but you can choose to die at any time


  • All weapons do one damage on hit – calls aren’t necessary
  • Dual wielding is permitted (provided you can get hold of a second weapon)
  • Health kits restore you to full HP (3) no matter how injured you are (even from 0)
  • Your aim is be the last one standing (even if you’re in a team)


  • What happens if I die and the round isn’t over?

We’ll make use of you in what remains of the round.