Don’t fear the Reaper…

Welcome to Immersion Ruined, home of Vigor Mortis and other LARPs in Brighton!

Vigor Mortis

Vigor Mortis is a supernatural horror LARP that begins with your death.

Whether you become a Ghost, a Revenant or a Reaper, you must seize this second chance at existence and survive – no final reward is going to fall into your lap now.


The Hunt

It is the night of The Hunt in the city of Brighthelmstone. Its inhabitants are afflicted with an abnormal blood-borne disease that warps their minds and bodies until they are terrifying monsters, and it falls to Hunters like you to stop them. Can you slay the beasts, stop the plague, and escape this endless nightmare?


Hunger Royale

Do you want to do a murder on people, team up with people and do a murder on them and generally do a murders? Then this is the game for you!



Coming soon…

Happy LARPers

So I discovered after taking off my trousers that my underwear is ripped right down the middle. Good game.

Hugo R

Many thanks, that was absolutely awesome! <3
More larp events with short games/rounds plz! (I may be missing HvZ) :3

Suzy F